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Webinar Series 2018

We hosted an incredible line-up of researchers and practitioners from the field of positive psychology on our webinar series.

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Featured Speakers



Positive Psychotherapy: Applying Positive Psychology in Psychotherapy

November 20th (8pm EST)

Elaine O’Brien 

The Science and Art of Stronger, Sexier, Smarter Ageing

October 23rd

(8pm EST)

Mark Groves

How Relationships Affect Your Health

September 19th (8:30pm EST) 

Wayne Greenway

Career Unstuck: Managing the Challenges in a Positive Job Offer Search

August 16th (6:30pm EST) 

Alesya Courtnage 

Hope Speaks: Integrating the Language of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Hope Theory

July 10th

(12pm EST)

Dina Bednar 

‘The Wizard of Oz Technique’ to SFBT, and Positive Psychology Work

June 4th

(12pm EST)

Caroline Adams Miller 

Getting Grit: the Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose

May 15th

(12pm EST)

Carin Rockind 

What's Your Purpose? A Positive Psychology Based Intervention

May 1st

(12pm EST)

Louisa Jewell 

Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt

March 28th

(12pm EST) 

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